We have a good selection of Christmas decorations ready for you.

LED Spiky Star

40 cm, 70 cm and 100 cm Ø

Full Ball

40 cm, 60 cm and 90 cm Ø

Crystal Teardrop

77 cm L.

Crystal Garland

70 cm - 200 cm L.

Cone Tree

Height and color as desired.

Silver Panel with Balls

L. and H. can be made to order

Silver Panel with Twigs

L. and H. can be made to order

Silver Panel with Twigs

L. and H. can be made to order

Silver Panel with Twigs

L. and H. can be made to order

Hanging Full Balls

40 cm, 60 cm, 90 cm Ø

Hanging Spiky Stars

40 cm, 70 cm, 100 cm Ø

Decorated Christmas Trees

180 cm to 1000 cm H.

Arrangement for Christmas

Customer specification

Real Christmas Tree

with LED Lights

Garlands with LED Lights

Length according to customer requirement

Giant Christmas Tree

Silver Twigs

Giant Christmas Tree

Green Twigs

Giant Wreath

With LED Lights and decorations


240 cm and 420 cm H.

Moravian Star

180 cm, 240 cm H.

Giant Snow Ball

350 cm B. and 236 cm H.

LED Lighsets

warm white or cold white

Icicle Lights

Available in several lengths

Cluster Lights

180 cm and 200 cm L.

Curtain Lights

150 cm to 700 cm Fall

LED Cherry Light

Dramatic Pine Tree

150 cm - 450 cm H.

Bavaria Pine Tree

180 cm - 250 cm H.

Addison Hard Needle

120 cm - 360 cm Ø

Reading Pine Tree

180 cm - 270 cm H.

St. Moritz Winter Tree

180 cm - 300 cm H.

Cashmere Pine Tree

225 cm - 450 cm H.

Helsinki Hard Needle

300 cm H.

Pine with natural stem

120 cm - 240 cm H.

Sylver Tree

180 cm - 300 cm H.

Nordland Tree

180 cm - 360 cm H.

Cone Tree (Green)

From 180 cm and up H.

Thuja Pyramid [B1]

80 cm - 300 cm H.

Boxwood Ball

From 30 cm Ø

Boxwood Half Ball

From 90 cm Ø

Christmas Trees with decorations and LED lights

in various styles and sizes

Bavaria Pine Wreath

90 cm - 180 cm Ø

Dramatic Pine Wreath

60 cm - 180 cm Ø

Greenville Pine Wreath

90 cm - 180 cm Ø

Addison Kranz

60 cm - 180 cm Ø

Giant Gold Wreath

ca. 230 cm Ø

Giant Bavaria Wreath

ca. 150 cm Ø

Douglas Pine Garland

20 cm. 30 cm and 35 cm Dia.

Nordland Pine Graland

30 cm and 40 cm Dia.

Bavaria Pine Graland

30 cm Dia.

Garland with LED lights and decorations

20 cm - 40 cm Ø


We can adjust photopoints to the size of the area you want to use.



Polar Bears

Polar Bears

Santa's Sleigh

Santa's Sleigh




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